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The Carlotta

The Carlotta Noseband™ is a gentle alternative to bits and other more traditional bitless systems. Designed by Christa Miremadi for her own horse, Carlotta, who suffered long term damage to her Temporal Mandible Joint from improper use of a curb bit, the Carlotta Noseband™ does not work off of force or leverage but rather off of simple contact and correct training.

Easy to fit, easy to use and comfortable for your horse… The Carlotta Noseband™ fits higher up on your horse’s nose, above the soft cartilage. Made of a soft, broad leather nose piece and a flexible, soft leather chinstrap, this noseband is based on communication, not pain. Because of this, proper communication and training is essential.

The Carlotta Noseband™:

  • Attractive
  • Effective
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Gentle
  • Fits on almost any headstall
  • Variety of styles available
  • Will not roll or rub

IMG_1293How to fit your Carlotta Noseband™

1. The wide, flat noseband distributes the pressure evenly across the bony area of the horse’s nose and is NOT meant to fit low down over the sensitive cartilage the way many               other bit-less options do. The soft leather chin strap gently snugs up under the horse’s lower jaw when rein pressure is applied, distributing the pressure between the chin and             the wide flat noseband. It will not cause pain-induced obedience, therefore proper training is essential for correct responsiveness.

2. The cheek piece of your bridle attaches to the leather turn back of your noseband and NOT the ring. This is what keeps it from sliding down towards the cartilage.

3. The chinstrap should have NO MORE than TWO FINGERS’ space. The knot is adjustable so once you have your noseband fitted in the correct place on your horse’s head, work out the knot so that it is snug but so that your horse can still open and close their mouth easily. If your chin strap is sliding through from one side to the other, it’s too                     loose.

4. You can find the correct position for your noseband by running your thumb and pointer finger down the front of your horse’s face on either side of the nose. When you feel the nasal bones open up to create the nasal cavity, you’ve found it! Place the noseband just above this spot so as not to interfere with your horse’s breathing.

Have fun and stay safe! Order Your Very Own Carlotta Noseband here!

*This product WILL NOT control your horse through force or pain. It is a soft, gentle direct pressure system that relies on compassionate communication and not pain or leverage. Proper training is essential to successful use of your Carlotta Noseband™