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Aside from beautiful hand made leather nosebands, www.abitsofter.com also offers some of Horsemanship from the Heart’s other products as well!  Order by contacting us directly today!

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14__Miremadi_LineSoft Ropes

Three-stand twisted cotton lead lines of various lengths. Soft in your hands and won’t burn your hands or your horse the way nylon and marine ropes can!

14′ – $45.00
18′ – $50.00
22′ – $55.00



A beautiful collection of stories and photography that shares with its reader a view into Christa Miremadi’s unique perspective when it comes to horses and horsemanship. The beautiful photographs were taken by Kristina Belkina.




THUMBNAIL_IMAGEA Mindful Collection: A Collection of Horsemanship Articles Written by Christa Miremadi **NEW**

Have you ever been faced with a horse related challenge that you weren’t quite sure what to do with? Have you ever wished you could get inside the mind of someone who works with horses day in and day out, even just for a few minutes? Now for the first time ever, in Christa’s second book, this collection of short and to the point vignettes are available for your convenience! Now you too can get a glimpse into the perspective that has proven so successful for Christa and the horses she works with.

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Compassionate Leadership

Learn Christa’s 5 guiding principles and a helpful 10 point guide to building a more connected relationship with your horse in this great DVD! Witness Christa working with a variety of horses and a variety of challenges and how she uses her Horsemanship from the Heart with each.




unknownRock’n Star Hats

One-size-fits-all ball caps, available in black or stone, featuring Christa Miremadi’s brand, the Rock’n Star.