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In 2010, Rock’n Star Ranch in Aldergrove, BC had a Games Day in which an all bitless drill team performed a fantastic routine. This drill team called themselves Carly’s Angels!

They now perform regularly for Rock’n Star’s Games Days and Open Houses! 

Melody & Anna with Lily & Bramble

Both of our horses have had bits in their mouths with previous owners, and both have needed help working through tension, bracing, and nervous anticipation whenever a bridle is put on or taken off, to the point of head flinging and teeth grinding. Our standardbred mare is soft, willing and wonderful now, putting her own nose into the noseband, and lowering her head for it to come off, and standing quietly. Our Haflinger boy still has a ways to go, but he’s so much better already. I love watching my quiet, soft, lightweight daughter ride this big powerful freight train of a horse and see how he responds willingly to the smallest touch on the reins. He is so sensitive and gentle. Every time the bridle goes on or comes off, he is a little less fidgety.

Amy Hay

374554_10151514983231798_757330231_nA whole crew of bitless trail riders taking Aldergrove Lake by storm! I can’t imagine ever going back to a bit again. I know both our horses love the noseband.






Eunice & Diva

Diva and I had a wonderful time at the Backcountry Horsemen’s Rendevous in Barriere, we went with my friend Lori and her horse Deja. We did the Geniere Lake ride and the Lookout ride. Got compliments on the Carlotta Noseband, which was perfect for this trail ride.